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Lynx is a text only browser. The latest version can be found at

This is version v2-8-3 which is now a good 10 years years out of date, but is set up ready to run (see the installation instructions below). This version of Lynx should work in Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and likely future versions of Windows (32 and 64 bit). It works with HTML5.

Most people find the program works after thoroughly reading the instructions below, though I can't offer installation support - just don't get the time for answering emails these days.


ZIP archive: (708kB)

or RAR archive: Lynx_v283.rar (574kB)

Read the words below if you have trouble - there's information I haven't bothered to put in the readme.txt

Lynx is copyrighted by the University of Kansas and is distributed without restrictions on usage or redistribution under the GNU General Public License. See the readme.txt file in the download for more information.

Installation Instructions

Read the 'readme.txt' and other help files included in the package for more information.

  1. Make a folder on the top level of your C drive called lynx_w32
  2. Unzip the contents of the file into that folder.
  3. Make a shortcut to lynx.bat* and place it on your desktop.
  4. Double click the shortcut. Lynx will open with as the home page.

*Can't find lynx.bat? In Windows Explorer try selecting the tools option at the top of the window, then select Folder Options. Click the "view" tab, then un-check the box for "hide extensions for known file types".


I double clicked on lynx.bat and a rectangular window flashed briefly, but Lynx didn't open.

This happens if cannot connect to the internet, and is often because Lynx.exe is blocked by your firewall from making connections. Your system administrator should be able to fix this, or if (like most people) you don't have a systems administrator try fiddling with your firewall program.

Also check that you have copied the Lynx files into a folder with the address C:\lynx_w32

Using LYNX

This version is set up with as the home page. Use the down cursor to navigate to the search box, then type in your search terms.

Links are shown in blue. The links will change to red as you tab onto them. Press enter or right arrow to follow the link.

For further help see keystroke commands and the main help file.

Summary of main commands

Down arrow: scroll down page.
Up arrow: scroll up page
Right arrow: follow a link
Left arrow: Go back to the previous page

G: to manually enter the address of a page.
Ctrl_R: refresh.

Lynx Text Browser

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