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Lynx is a text only browser. The speech and braille browsers used by the blind are based on text only browsers so if your site can viewed and navigated in the Lynx browser then it should be usable for blind people.

Check out your web designer's site using Lynx before signing that contract - the UK Disability Discrimination Act (Part III) (in force from Oct 2004) might require your site to be accessible to the blind and other disabled people.

View your site in the Lynx text-only browser

Use the Lynx Viewer (NOTE: The page has a flickering image) to see roughly how your site would look in a text browser. You can also check pages from our website or any other web designer's site. Type in the address of the website you want to view in the form on their site and press go. Your page will be returned in text only format. You can follow the links on your page to view other pages on your site.

Download Lynx

You can also download the Lynx Browser from this site. I have compiled a version that can be installed in any version of windows and used without any specialist knowledge.

The logo above shows that this website is useable and well presented when viewed in a Lynx browser. Any site that conforms to W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Accessibility Guidelines level 'A' should work well in a text browser.


Lynx Text Browser

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