Web Standards

VORD Web Design specialise in usability and accessibility so our sites need to conform to the relevant standards. We've included a few useful resources that can be used to check sites against the relevant standards.

W3C HTML Validator
The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) are the standard setting body for the web. Their HTML validator automatically checks pages against their HTML standard.

W3C CSS Validator
The W3C can also validate CSS (cascading style sheets). CSS is a method of formatting web pages to replace depreciated html style markup.

W3C Accessibility Guidelines
Recommendations to make websites accessible to disabled people. Following these guidelines will also make a web site more search engine friendly.

Lynx Text Browser
The Lynx Text Browser is a very simple browser which can be used to check appearance and navigation without a mouse, style sheets, images or colours. Web Sites that can be understood and navigated in Lynx will be reasonably accessible to the disabled and to search engines.

Download Lynx Text Browser
We have prepared a version of the Lynx Text Bowser that works in all versions of Windows without the need for configuration or setup.


Standards - Overview

W3C HTML Validator

W3C CSS Validator

W3C Guidelines

Lynx Text Browser

Download Lynx

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